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Propelled Before My Plan

I think this is a very interesting article linked at the bottom if this post.

February 23rd, 2023, I had the distinct honor of being the first in the history of the Cleveland Leadership Center's Accelerate Competition to win all categories and overall! An unexpected honor for my "Seeking Supervision" platform.

Video can be seen here:

Now to give light to the CLC experience, when they say Accelerate, it definitely is just that! It's a rocket booster for career advancement. As a person who is a planner and introvert by nature the acceleration left minimal space for processing the advancement. My life plan had about 3 steps in between that was moved to the side! lol

So Ill say to the next Accelerate cohort, Readiness is key!

To go from a small and quaint private practice in Fairview Park, OH to being in conversations with C-Suite executives is a culture shock! It is a welcomed experience, but it is a shock.

But with increased access to tables I have envisioned since 2010 and was working toward getting the "qualifications" to sit elbow to elbow with executives, Seeking Supervision platform said Move Anycia because it's happening now!

Being the preparer that I am, I had to grapple with the propelled progress that threw me off my neatly packaged professional development plan. I can attest that I have evaluated recently what does it mean to be an expert. I am skilled at things, but do I need to be an expert to sit elbow to elbow with C-Suite executives. What constitutes and expert and how do you know when you have been skilled enough to expert (yes I made it a verb 🙃).

But this is a real life question I now have to entertain because to much is given much is required right and Imposter Syndrome is real. Can you be successful at building partnerships and change without an "expert" title? Maybe you have some insight. Maybe the question is rhetorical.

My mentor and best friends share this is a common thought amongst professional women. This helped normalize my thoughts and feelings, but so many questions formulate in my mind.

What I do know is as I navigate this year of opportunity and personal/professional growth, "iteration" has become my most FAVORITE word that I have acquired during the SEA Change cohort process. It's like my word animal. (I know thats not a thing, but it resonates well with WHO I am and how I have been successful)

It gives space for human error while developing the skills that will lead me to maybe one day saying I am an "expert."

When did you realize your skill level evolved into expert?

Did it happen organically, or were you propelled into it?

Share your story below!

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