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Never Have I Ever

First I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my site and now accessing my blog. I hope that it will be worth the vested time you have taken to peruse everything!

With that being said, when I speak with my clients I always say that best way to become a better you is reality acceptance. There will be some bits of me I can share and others I cannot. At this juncture in time I am unsure the direction this blog will evolve, but I do know the Sky is the limit!.

My reality acceptance

Over 10 years ago when I graduated from Case Western Reserve University, you could not have told me that I would be working diligently to open a private practice. Well, life has a different outcome for me and it was a challenging path I decided to embark on.

I felt compelled to start the journey when I learned I could not identify an agency which matched my compassion, advocacy, and drive to service my community. One could see it as an ego trip, while others may see it as revolutionary. I saw a system which I believe was in need of innovation and being a systemic thinker, wanted to create a space where the community can feel empowered to transform their lives by my seeking to redefine how the community perceives mental health services overall.

I believe if individuals were more comfortable with the idea of mental health services they would be more inclined to seek out support. How does an individual become comfortable with anything you say? Familiarity. Familiarity is developed from gaining knowledge. If a person is adequately informed about mental health and the service delivery, it is my hopes this will reduce emotional barriers and compel more individuals to seek out mental health services as they would a primary care doctor.

~Anycia G

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