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I'm new to this writing thing and it is very uncomfortable

Before I throw more information at y’all about being more present, the importance of rest, and why we need to listen to our bodies more. I thought I should introduce myself and let you know who I am as a therapist/ counselor/mental health professional, my Theoretical approach to working with people, my focus in this field.

Hey hey my name is Mandisa and for you phonetic learners Mandeesa. I am a Black (to be specific West-African-American,) disabled, neurodiverse person. I’ve been licensed since 2011, I've worked with children, adults, and the family unit. Currently, I work with adults and specifically focus on emerging adults; what does that even mean? That means the age when society says you are an adult and are expected to know the “rules”(that are ever-changing), developing your independence and self-identity. I also focus on working with people who identify as disabled. It is hard not being able to control your body and it can feel isolating. These ginormous emotions don’t have to be carried. If you are worried I am able to work with trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Just know we are going to talk, not like you and your bestie. I am going to ask questions, I will ask you to correct me. You are the leading expert when it comes to yourselves so yes I need to be corrected when I say the wrong things. At times is it frustrating opening up to someone you may not connect with? YES and that makes it so much easier the next time you do.

I’m a person-centered therapist. I am here and I will meet you where you are. I admit when I am wrong; I love my job, I am good at my job AND I am human not just a therapist.

That's me and my brief, semi-structured thoughts on therapy.

Below are some Instagram pages I follow and find very informative.

As always remember to breathe from your stomach!!!

Self Compassion:

A podcast to help prepare you for therapy:

Mental health resources:

Facts about mental health therapy:

Questions to ask:

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