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Healing Trauma

During sessions, I tend to give my clients suggestions on readings to better understand 1) their diagnosis & 2) the symptoms related to the diagnosid. Healing Trauma is a fairly easy read and physiological perspective on defining #trauma being relative to the perception of threat using a #SomaticExperiencingMethod through intentional body work.

When it comes to trauma, the critical factor is the perception of threat and the incapacity to deal with it”
- Dr. Peter A. Levine

It’s interesting when I diagnose my clients with trauma because they tend to be shocked! They present with symptoms of trauma, yet they don’t recollect a major life event that we tend to associate with a “typical” trauma experience. This book gives a refreshing perspective of lived experiences which can manifest in latter life as trauma if we do not give space to sit with and reconcile the sensations that arise from the emotions of said experience.

#traumainformed #somaticsymptoms

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