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Am I really an adult!?!?!?!?

Emerging adulthood??? I've used this term before but I never really gave specifics to what it means. This new age life stage group kind of popped up in industrial countries over the past half-century. It talks about that awkward stage of not really knowing what you should be doing while still doing it. The age range is late teens to mid-twenties and sometimes can push all the way up to 29.

According to Jeffrey Jensen Arnett PHD (2004) there are five stages You can say of the emerging adulthood

1 Age of identity; during this time individuals are figuring out who they are, who they want to be, what they want to do, and who they love.

2 Age of instability; that portion of your life where in some way you are living a nomadic life. You live in an apartment or residence hall if you choose to go to college. Living year to year in apartments or couch to couch. This age comes to a close as you become more established in your careers or your new location closer to your 30s.

3 Age of self-focus You are an adult you don't have to follow the rules of being a minor your parents no longer control the majority of your choices. This time is important to develop and identify your needs before coupling and establishing those more permanent relationships.

4 Age of feeling in between; this is that nagging feeling of I don't know what I'm doing in life You are taking responsibility and it is normal to question if you're doing something right when you've never done it before.

5 Age of possibilities; this one is a little different from where we are in society. Accepting where and what you can. Realistically optimistic?!

This age span can be difficult and feel isolating. Please understand that everyone has different experiences and that some of these feelings are normal. If you have questions please come talk with a mental health professional that you feel comfortable speaking with. I hope this was helpful.


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