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Serene ambiance with flickering candles for a calming therapy experience.

2020 Life Counseling

"Therapy Begins When You Enter the Door"

Our Vision

At 2020 Life Counseling LLC, we provide our clients with a calm, therapeutic, and ambient environment to support mental health and overall well-being, reducing anxiety, depression, and trauma by marrying therapy counseling services with spa experiences. We passionately believe in innovative care where the individual can receive classic therapy services with a self-care indulgent experience. 

Guiding you to inner calm and mental wellness at 2020 Life Counseling

Meet Our Clinical Team

Our clinical team has over 25 years collectively of experience working with individuals and families in the community and clinical settings. With degrees and skills acquired at Case Western Reserve University, the University of Toledo, and Cleveland State University, we ensure that we adhere to the utmost ethical service delivery and care to you and your loved ones. We value relationships as you are more than just a client. You are a champion of your story. We are here to support you in living out your story to its fullest potential.

Meet Our Medical Spa Team

We believe at 2020 Life Counseling that the Mind & Body are one. We work to build a self-care process that is incorporated into your therapy experience to support improved mindfulness, clarity, calm, and reduction in physical stress with the ancillary supports. During your therapeutic journey we may recommend utilizing the services to support management of anxiety, depression, or trauma related symptoms in conjunction with therapy

*Consult with your medical provider prior to engaging in massage therapy if you have underlying health conditions which may be exacerbated while under a licensed professional massotherapist.

We Value Working With the Best Clients and Community Partners.
Inquire as to how you can partner with us!

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Jade Massotherapy Alternative Wellness Center
TriCord CABEL non profit
  1. Burnout among executive women

  2. Executive burnout prevention strategies

  3. Work-life balance for executive women

  4. Coping with burnout in high-pressure jobs

  5. Stress management for executive women

  6. Self-care tips for executive women

  7. Mental health support for executive women

  8. Executive women's wellness and burnout

  9. Signs of burnout in executive roles

  10. Resilience-building for executive women

  11. Mental health support for executive women

  12. Stress management for executive women

  13. Work-life balance for executive women

  14. Self-care tips for executive women

  15. Managing mental health as an executive

  16. Executive burnout prevention

  17. Leadership and mental health

  18. Executive women's mental wellness

  19. Coping with high-pressure environments

  20. Balancing career and mental well-being

  21. Mental health counseling services

  22. Therapy for mental health

  23. Online counseling for mental health

  24. Depression counseling

  25. Anxiety therapy

  26. Stress management counseling

  27. Trauma counseling

  28. Relationship counseling

  29. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

  30. Counseling for emotional well-being

  31. Burnout symptoms

  32. How to overcome burnout

  33. Preventing burnout at work

  34. Managing work-related stress

  35. Signs of burnout in the workplace

  36. Burnout recovery strategies

  37. Work-life balance tips

  38. Self-care for burnout

  39. Coping with job burnout

  40. Mental health and burnout

  41. Remote work for women

  42. Work-life balance during COVID

  43. Women in the gig economy

  44. Job opportunities for women post-COVID

  45. Coping with job loss during COVID

  46. Mental health support for working women

  47. Reskilling and upskilling for women workers

  48. Women entrepreneurs during COVID

  49. Flexible work arrangements for women

  50. Women-owned businesses during COVID

  1. Self-care tips

  2. Self-care routines

  3. Self-care practices

  4. Mental health self-care

  5. Self-care activities

  6. Self-care ideas

  7. Self-care for stress relief

  8. Self-care for relaxation

  9. Self-care for well-being

  10. Self-care strategies

  11. Intergenerational trauma healing

  12. Effects of intergenerational trauma

  13. Breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma

  14. Intergenerational trauma therapy

  15. Healing ancestral trauma

  16. Transgenerational trauma recovery

  17. Understanding intergenerational trauma

  18. Intersecting traumas across generations

  19. Resilience and intergenerational trauma

  20. Intergenerational trauma and mental health

  21. Stress in relationships

  22. Relationship stress management

  23. Coping with relationship stress

  24. Communication in stressful relationships

  25. Stress and intimacy in relationships

  26. Relationship stressors

  27. Stress-free relationships

  28. Building resilience in relationships

  29. Stress reduction techniques for couples

  30. Managing work-related stress in relationships

  31. Parenting stress management

  32. Coping with parenting stress

  33. Stress and parenting challenges

  34. Parenting stress relief

  35. Stress-free parenting

  36. Balancing parenting and stress

  37. Parenting self-care

  38. Strategies for reducing parenting stress

  39. Parenting stress and mental health

  40. Tips for managing stress as a parent

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